Squirrels are back!

Have a happy new year 2017!


As you may read in the Lab Log, squirrels have been absent since July 17th 2016. I do still have no explanation why this had happened.

However out of the blue, at least one squirrel stopped by and grabbed 16 nuts from the squirrel feeder within 30 minutes. I hope that the squirrel will spread the word about the exquisite food being served at our cafe :-).


Today it is rather cold compared to previous weeks. We have temperatures below the freezing point right now. However we've had temperatures below 0°C for a couple of days in 2016 as well and no squirrel has been interested to grab a bite from the feeder.

Looking forward to see if the squirrel's reappearance is a one trick pony or if we are going to see this more often in the near future.


I'm happy to see that the software written to capture the squirrels activity works as designed even after having no guests at the cafe for over 5.5 months.